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Founder Katie Jones Takes the Stage in Asheville!

Wishbone’s founder Katie Jones takes the stage in Assassin's Garden at Magnetic Theatre and audiences are loving it. Just check out this review from AshevilleMovies.com!

“Katie Jones is electric as Goldman. Far from getting bogged down in the philosophical language of more than a century ago, she uses Goldman’s words as a springboard to deliver a passionate and emotional message of freedom and revolution. I found myself nodding along as she spoke about the necessity of political murder — not a position I normally hold in the absence of such compelling arguments. Jones brings to life the powerhouse that Goldman was in persuading hundreds of activists to sacrifice their own freedom and, sometimes, lives, in the service of an impossible-seeming ideal.”

You can read the whole review here: https://www.ashevillemovies.com/stages/xh1g043bi8gbe8kexn3gy6oqlkrp9y?fbclid=IwAR0b8Rd9TirA61iB-5xf3c7c53gmnasc6ghSH7utCOj25WxQnjSWYsxMV24

and the review in the review from Mountain XPress here: https://mountainx.com/arts/theater-review-in-the-assassins-garden-by-the-magnetic-theatre/?fbclid=IwAR3IsW-9Kc7EKMHMcI8hziYsP9qb6hPExYCak0Yq7ESigvlhCXsouVS6b08

Don’t miss your opportunity to see Katie at Magnetic Theatre! We are so proud of her continued excellence, whatever play she is doing and wherever she is! There are only a few shows left! For tickets: themagnetictheatre.com

Katie Jones at Magnetic Theatre in Asheville, NC .

Katie Jones at Magnetic Theatre in Asheville, NC .