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Meet the Players!



Telling the story of Laura Fair, is an acting troupe who build the world of FAIR by playing a wide variety of parts including the lawyers, the press and around 30 other characters of this notorious trial!

Andrew Bailes, Jeremiah Jones, Laurie Jones, Jessica Lynn Verdi, play the various characters that surround Laura Fair in the years before she shot Alexander P. Crittenden on that fateful day- and in the years after.

Jeremiah, Laurie, and Jessica have worked on FAIR since early on in the development process. Through improv, original documents (including court transcripts, newspapers, and love letters), and character development, these actors were able to experiment with various ways to tell the story and convey a massive amount of information at an incredible pace.

For example, there is a representation of the shooting of Alexander P. Crittenden three different times in the story. The players are crucial to the success of these key moments in the show.

Andrew Bailes is no stranger to Wishbone’s ensemble devised pieces. He traveled with Wishbone to Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the ensemble-devised play, SPANDEX and Wishbone is thrilled to have him bring his talents to this challenging show.

Mandy Stertz, one of Wishbone Theatre Collective’s founding members and another key collaborator on the show, was a player in the Chicago Fringe Festival Version of FAIR. This run you can find her in the booth running the tech for the show!

We also want to recognize the huge amount of work that our previous casts of Players have contributed to the show in its three-year lifespan. Collaboration is our lifeblood and we could not be more grateful for such a deep bench of enthusiastic, generous, talented artists that are part of the Wishbone family.

There is still time to get your tickets for FAIR! Come see the show this Friday and Saturday night at the Magnetic Theatre in Asheville, NC.

Megan Ranney