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Meet Wishbone's Alexander Crittenden


Daniel Moore plays Alexander Crittenden in Wishbone’s production of FAIR at The Magnetic Theatre, April 5th and 6th.

Alexander P. Crittenden died on a boat off the boat of San Francisco in 1871. He was shot by his lover, Laura Fair. After his death, particularly in the trial, Crittenden was said to be a saint of a man, a kind father, a wonderful husband, and a flawless businessman. In FAIR, Wishbone explores the power of story - the stories we tell to ourselves about one another to fit the narratives we want to believe to keep our lives simple and neat. Who was Alexander P. Crittenden? What kind of man was he? Would it be fair to judge him now?

Wishbone is thrilled to bring Asheville local, Daniel Moore on this journey and to learn from his portrayal of this controversial character.

Daniel Moore is a Mars Hill based actor. He studied Theatre at Greensboro College and is so very excited to be working at the Magnetic Theatre again! You may have recently seen him in such roles as Jackson in Action Movie: The Play, Eric in The Misanthrope and he also appeared in the recent sketch comedy show Crimes and Missed Demeanings.

Megan Ranney