Wishbone Theatre Collective


Production History


Development and workshop production of 'FAIR' at the Impro Studio Theatre, Los Angeles.

Want to see FAIR? You have three chances to catch the Chicago premiere September 9-10 at the Chicago Fringe. Click HERE for tickets. To learn more about the show, visit our 'New Work' page. 



A Play About Me and You written by Collective member Mandy Stertz. Performed at the Chicago Fringe Festival // 'FAIR' Development Workshop, Warehouse Theatre, Greenville SC.



'SPANDEX' by WTC performed for the 20th Anniversary of the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts, Clemson, SC.

'SPANDEX' is available to produce! For more information, click HERE



'SPANDEX' by WTC performs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland.



'Devil May Care' by Kendall Sherwood, performed in Chicago IL // 'Incendiary' by Adam Szymkowicz performed in Chicago, IL // En El Corazon by Wishbone Theatre Collective performed at the Chicago Fringe Festival



'Returning from Madness' by WTC member Laurie Jones performed in Chicago, IL // 'Vigils' by Noah Haidle performed in Chicago, IL // 'SPANDEX' an original play by Wishbone Theatre Collective performed at the Chicago Fringe Festival with an encore performance at Studio Be, Chicago, IL.



'Awkward Turtling' Sketch Show Performed in Chicago, IL // 'Pete and Pickles', adapted by Wishbone Theatre Collective from the children's book by Berkley Breathed. Performed in Chicago, IL



'Maybe Baby, It's You' by Charlie Shanian and Shari Simpson performed at Gorilla Tango, Chicago, IL // The First Annual Merrythoughts Masquerade, Chicago, IL // The Woman in Black, performed at the Charnal House, Chicago, IL